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Styling Web Pages Using CSS Designer in Dreamweaver
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Released Jan 29, 2016
Amy Childers


Amy Childers
In this series of videos, we will learn how to style our web pages using the CSS Designer and Extract panels within Dreamweaver. We will start by going over the basic workspace set up and interfaces of the CSS Designer and Extract panel. We'll learn how to upload a Photoshop document through the extract panel and also how to go about navigating through each of these sections within Dreamweaver. We'll go over how to style the entire web page, section by section, using only the CSS Designer panel, while extracting style information and assets from PSD comps through the extract panel. We'll finish by styling the footer section of the web page and taking a look at the final CSS code that is generated through the CSS Designer panel. This course goes over the process for creating an external style sheet using the CSS Designer panel and is intended for individuals who already have a basic knowledge of CSS properties and selectors. So throughout this course, we'll be making some really impressive styling changes to our page in a very visual and straightforward way.