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Understanding Color Theory in Concept Art and Illustration
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Released Sep 6, 2014
Ricardo Guimaraes

Guest Tutor

Ricardo Guimaraes
Throughout these lessons you will gain a clear grasp of how to apply color theories using the color wheel. Often treated as an abstract subject, the color theory may pass unnoticed by less experienced artists.

This frequently causes a misuse of colors in some projects, and even a well drawn piece may be regarded as poor quality by the simple lack of understanding color theory. Over these lessons we'll learn how to understand and apply the color wheel in various situations. We'll learn how to plan and create color schemes for concept sketches and illustrations, how to establish a strong composition, how to mix colors and how to adequate color and tone, among many other things.

By the end of this tutorial, you will have the ability to plan and select colors and color harmonies for future projects.