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Game Asset Production Pipeline in Unreal Engine
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Released May 26, 2014
Joshua Kinney


Joshua Kinney
In this series of tutorials we will discuss the pipeline for creating a static mesh game asset for Unreal Engine 4. We'll start out by discussing some general set up tips you should take note of before creating content for Unreal Engine 4.

Then we'll jump into creating a game mesh based on a high poly mesh that we provide. Here we'll discuss how to quickly create a low resolution mesh and how to retopologize it with enough detail to capture our high resolution detail in a normal map. Then we'll learn how to UV our mesh and how to bake out the crucial maps for creating a high quality game asset.

After that, we'll learn how to quickly create textures using dDo, a powerful procedural texturing software. Then we'll start to wrap up the tutorial by finalizing our asset with materials, collisions, and LOD's until we finally import the asset into Unreal Engine 4.