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Creating a Detailed Forest Creature in ZBrush
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Released Oct 21, 2013
Brad Groatman

Guest Tutor

Brad Groatman
In this ZBrush tutorial we will learn a number of different sculpting techniques in order to create a creature made of a variety of materials and substances.

The idea here is to create a creature with a focus on using a variety of sculpting tools in ZBrush. We will create our own MultiMesh tools for efficiently sculpting elements such as vines, ivy and thorny branches, utilize the curve function to increase use textures – specifically, the luminance of textures – in conjunction with morph targets as a means of gaining finer controls over the creation of subtools.

We will look at nestling FiberMesh within FiberMesh in order to create various forms of vegetation, and we will also utilize ZSketching in order to create the complex structural makeup of this creature, which is comprised of many different kinds of materials, from moss and grasses to tree bark and rocks.

Texturing will combine the use of Spotlight and Polypainting, and we will go through the process of gathering the necessary reference for each. We will go through the process of establishing effective render settings, as well as creating a final composite in After Effects to give the sculpt a fitting final presentation.

By the end of this training, you will have developed a good familiarity with the variety of tools with which you can create diverse characters in ZBrush.
Introduction and project overview

Introduction and project overview