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High Poly Robot Modeling For Games in 3ds Max
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Released Mar 25, 2013
Valentin  Yovchev

Guest Tutor

Valentin Yovchev
In this 3ds Max tutorial we will explore different modeling techniques for high-poly model creation using floaters.

Throughout these lessons we will explore how to block out basic shapes for our cartoon-ish robot following the sketches that we have. After that we will move on to block out the basic forms of the robot. We will then follow along with detailing those basic shapes and retopologizing them.

We will continue adding floating geometry on top of them, and change some things on the fly. At the end of this 3ds Max training you will have solid understanding for high-poly modeling that is used in the game industry, as well as how to organize your final creation and pass it on to another artist who will make the low poly model from it and make normal and occlusion maps from it.
Introduction and project overview

Introduction and project overview