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Painting Female Hairstyles in Photoshop
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Released Dec 1, 2012
Kurt Jones

Guest Tutor

Kurt Jones
In this tutorial, members will learn techniques for painting hairstyles in Photoshop. We'll begin by examining photographs of various female hairstyles and discuss some elements and problems to look for when painting hair. Following this we'll create a sketch of our hairstyle in addition to painting in a base tone to form a silhouette of the hair. From there we'll continue to build on our silhouette by layering on mid-tones and high lights.

Along the way we'll focus on various points such colors, shapes, contrast and the environment to name a few. Once we have established the foundation for our hair, we'll begin the process of refining and detailing the overall hairstyle. By the end of the tutorial, you'll have new skills and techniques you can use to paint hairstyles on your own projects.