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Texturing Prehistoric Reptiles in MARI
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Released Oct 1, 2012
Eddie Russell


Eddie Russell
In this MARI tutorial, we will learn how to texture a reptilian dinosaur step by step in MARI. After spending a little bit of time setting up our MARI project so we can work efficiently, we will dive right in and paint base diffuse colors for the various parts of the Velociraptor. From here, we will continue to paint our diffuse color information, gradually becoming more detailed. During this process, we will pause our painting only momentarily so we can learn how to add additional surface detail by creating our own custom normal map right inside of MARI. Next, we will learn how to make our creature feel more natural by painting dirt in various areas. Lastly we will paint a custom specular map before baking and exporting our textures out of MARI. After completing this tutorial, you will be familiar with a process that will allow you to paint realistic textures for any prehistoric reptilian creature.