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Creating Photo Manipulations for Advertising with Photoshop
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Released Oct 1, 2012
Eddie Russell


Eddie Russell
In this Photoshop tutorial we will learn how to go about creating a custom photo manipulation in Photoshop for an advertising campaign. After talking about our concept and gathering some images to use, we will dive right in and begin preparing a base image for our ad. Here we’ll learn about masking techniques as well as some of the powerful healing tools that Photshop has. From here we will begin the process of recreating the legs of our model in water form. Over several lessons we will learn the process of creating very specific displacement maps for our image. We will finish our image off by adding water and wetness to other areas of our base image including the model’s shoes and pavement. Upon completion of this tutorial, you will have learned several advanced techniques for compositing together a photo manipulation with advertising in mind.