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Transforming Robot Production Pipeline Volume 3: Truck Texturing
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Released Mar 1, 2012
Eddie Russell


Eddie Russell
In this tutorial we will learn about the process of texturing our transforming robot's vehicle form. To get started, you should know that this course will focus on providing you with a high level glimpse at my thought process in painting the textures for our truck asset. While we won't focus on painting every stroke of our textures, I will be walking you through each step, demonstrating techniques as well as providing insight into the process. Throughout this course, we will reveal valuable information about this process including targeting geometry for painting on a complex model, using lights and masking to paint texture in hard to reach places, and using MARI 1.4's layered painting unproject and project workflow to create decals for our vehicle. After completing this course, you'll not only know how the texture maps for our truck were painted but you'll also gain insight into the thought process behind painting them.