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Unity Mobile Game Development: Final Assembly
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Released Mar 1, 2012
Joshua Kinney


Joshua Kinney
In this course we discuss some of the major workflows we used in the production of our game and finish up by discussing how to publish it to our Android tablet. In this series of lessons we discuss our processes for bringing our final game build together. We'll start off by discussing the process of collaborating all of the project files created for this project. Then we'll discuss how the player, GUI, Enemy AI, and Game State need to be hooked up in order for the game to work properly. We'll also discuss how to create our Main menu and then we'll end with publishing our final game. Now this course is not meant to cover every single step to hook up your game but to be more of a guide to help with the finalization process and to give you some insight on the process we used here at Digital-Tutors.