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Unity Mobile Game Development: Concept and Design
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Released Jan 2, 2012
Eddie Russell


Eddie Russell
In this collection of lessons we will learn about creating concept art for a game as well as how the role of the concept artist fits into the production pipeline. We will begin this course by learning about the role of a concept artist and how that role fits into the production pipeline. Next, we will learn about the game design document and then use it to determine which assets concept art is needed. From there, we’ll move on and learn about designing a level for our game from the ground up by planning out its overhead layout. Next, we will learn how to visualize this layout by creating concept sketches. Lastly, we will shift our attention to painting the concept art, focusing on rendering out our composition, planning for and painting the light sources, and then rendering out organic material to line the walls of our level. After going through this course, you will gain a better understanding as to why decisions are made during the process of creating concept art. You will also learn the basic steps involved in visualizing an idea for a level in a piece of artwork.