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Realistic Skin Shading, Lighting, and Rendering in 3ds Max and V-Ray
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Released Oct 3, 2011
Adam  Lewis

Guest Tutor

Adam Lewis
In this tutorial we will learn how to render realistic human skin and eyes using V-Ray for 3ds Max. This series of videos will guide you through the process of creating realistic renders using V-Ray for 3ds Max. While rendering is an extremely powerful method for enhancing an artist's work, the process can be very confusing for not only beginners but also for advanced users. This course will help simplify the process. We'll begin by learning how to prepare the assets for rendering and continue all the way through to performing post-work on the final render. After completing this tutorial, we'll have a much better understanding of the overall process involved with rendering a realistic character in V-Ray for 3ds Max, as well gaining many valuable tips and tricks for more specific topics like skin shading and linear workflow, which in the end will help the artist add new levels of realism and life to their own work.