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Introduction to ZBrush 3
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Released Jun 1, 2007
  • ZBrush
    ZBrush 3
  • 4h 4m
  • Project Files Included
Kyle Green


Kyle Green
Easily get started with ZBrush 3. Learn time-saving modeling, sculpting, and painting techniques and tools that are used throughout the Film and Games industries. Contains over 4 hours of project-based training. Great for artists learning ZBrush. Popular highlights include: Fast Creation with Rapid Start Interface; Overview of 2.5D and ZBrush Pixols; Sculpting with Imported 3D Geometry; Subtools for Multiple 3D Meshes; Sculpting Workflow Overview; Adding Detail with Alpha Brushes; Creating Custom Alphas; Precision Sculpting with Stencils; Freeform Selections with Lasso Tool; Topological Masking; Reposing 3D Meshes with Transpose; Photographic-based Materials with Matcap; Building Meshes with ZSpheres; Adding New Details with Mesh Extraction; Refining Details with 3D Layers.
Introduction and project overview

Introduction and project overview