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Getting Started with Digital Painting in Photoshop CS5
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Released May 2, 2011
Eddie Russell


Eddie Russell
In this collection of lessons we will learn how an artist can get started painting digitally inside of Photoshop. We will begin by taking a quick tour around the user interface learning the location of important tools and panels. Next, we will learn how we can create and manage layers in Photoshop. From here we will dive into some of the most commonly used tools for digital painting, learning where they are and how they work. After spending some time learning how to select and store colors, we will jump right into setting up a composition with a sketch where we will discover the difference between resizing and resampling our artwork. Next we will take a glimpse into the painting process by first blocking in some color and then blending it together. Along the way, we will learn how to create custom brushes and patterns as well as how we can utilize these to paint textures. We will wrap things up by learning about layer masks and what we can be on the look out for to make our textures more believable.