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Using PaintStop in ZBrush
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Released Sep 24, 2009
  • ZBrush
  • 46m 36s
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Justin Marshall


Justin Marshall
In this ZBrush tutorial we will get an overview of the PaintStop plugin in ZBrush. While digital graphics software can make our lives easier by automating tasks and getting quick results, achieving the same effects we might get with traditional media can be challenging. Effects like charcoal scraping across a rough surface or the brush strokes of a thick paint can add to the artwork we create. In this course we'll get an overview of the PaintStop plugin for ZBrush which will allow us to access all kinds of traditional art tools. We'll take a look at the interface and learn to work with media like charcoal, ink, watercolor or oils. We'll use tracing images and stencils to augment our workflow, and we'll explore a uv painting technique. Upon completion of the tutorial, you'll be able to quickly integrate PaintStop into your own ZBrush workflow.