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Introduction to Modeling in MODO
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Released Sep 16, 2013
  • MODO
    MODO 701
  • 3h 54m
  • Project Files Included
Justin Marshall


Justin Marshall
In this MODO tutorial we'll use a project-based approach as we cover the basics of modeling, look at commonly used tools, and talk about some time-saving tips and techniques in MODO.

We'll begin by looking at polygon and subdivision geometry and how MODO works with that geometry. We’ll take a look at a variety of modeling tools you can use in your daily work. We'll split edges with Loop Slice and Add Loop. We'll learn to Bevel and Extrude. And we'll learn to use Action Centers and Falloffs to change how our tools affect the geometry. We'll also talk about subdivision surfaces and how they can be used to create very smooth models with edges that have been hardened through edge weighting or actual geometry.

We won't be covering all of MODO's many modeling tools, but rather focus on the tools that you're going to find most useful as you begin the modeling process. Once you have a better understanding of how these tools work together, you’ll be able to create your own modeling solutions and really come up with a workflow that’s comfortable to you. With that, let’s get started by taking a look at polygons.

For an additional learning resource, download your free copy of our Key Modeling Terms Reference Guide and PDF so you can get comfortable with important 3D modeling terminology.