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2D Racing Game Series in Unity: Volume 1
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Released Aug 26, 2013
Joshua Kinney


Joshua Kinney
In the first volume of the 2D Racing Game Series in Unity, we'll be covering how to begin prototyping our 2d racing game.

We'll begin the series by setting up our project and importing the essential files we need to get prototyping faster. Then we'll learn how to create the track prefab and how we can use it to set up a simple race track.

Once the track is built, we will create the player prefab and jump right into scripting. We'll begin with scripting the player's movement and discussing how to get the exact behavior we want. Once we have the basic movement functionality, we'll dig a little deeper by seeing how we can use velocity to create a different driving experience. Then we'll finish this volume by working on the Sprite Animation script. Here we will create a flexible system that will offset and scale our sprite sheet, resulting in a fully animated sprite.