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Creating a Game-Ready Monster Insect in ZBrush and 3ds Max
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Released Jul 22, 2013
Gabe Selinger

Guest Tutor

Gabe Selinger
In this tutorial we will learn the process of creating a detailed killer-monster insect and taking it to a point where its a game-ready mesh, ready to be rigged.

We will go through the entire process from scratch, starting with blocking out the mesh from concept images. Then we will sculpt a detailed high-poly mesh in ZBrush. After the high poly is finalized we will retopologize in TopoGun to get clean efficient geometry, UV unwrap, and bake the high poly information to textures.

Lastly, we will view and take screenshots of the character using the 3-point viewport shader in 3ds Max and touch up the final renders in Photoshop.

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Introduction and project overview

Introduction and project overview