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Facial Retouching and Manipulation in Photoshop
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Released Jan 21, 2013
In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to make some stunning transformations to portrait work with the help of techniques and tools found inside of Photoshop.

We'll begin this process by exploring how we can use some very powerful healing tools in Photoshop to remove unwanted facial blemishes, stray hairs, along with reducing smile lines and wrinkles. Following this we'll learn how we can adjust and manipulate various facial features of our model to look more visually appealing and draw the focus of the viewer. From there we'll learn how we can add more detail to our model's skin and unify all the adjustments we've made to her face.

Finally we'll add some final touches to really make some facial elements pop. Along the way we'll be using some really powerful and useful tools in Photoshop to achieve the look we want and enhance the beauty of our model.