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Creating Caricatures in Mudbox
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Released Sep 2, 2011
In this course we will learn to use Mudbox to sculpt and paint exaggerated caricatures from start to finish. Caricature, as an art form has been around for many years. Typically they are 2d drawings that really capture the essence of a real person through exaggeration and emphasis on specific features. With Mudbox, we can easily take this process into the 3d realm and create fun 3d caricatures complete with textures. We'll start by building up some base geometry in Maya and then begin shaping and sculpting our character bust. We'll use a variety of sculpting tools to create some exaggerated features for our character. We'll make use of the close integration between Mudbox and Maya to build accessories for our bust and assemble everything in Mudbox. We'll then talk about preparing the meshes for texturing and we'll paint maps for all of the different pieces. In the end, you'll have a finished caricature bust, but you'll also have the skills you need to start creating your own custom caricatures.