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Lesson 2. Installing Python ActiveX Scripting
In this lesson we will learn how to install Python ActiveX for Softimage.
Software used
Softimage 7.5 and up
What you will learn
In this course we will get started with scripting in Softimage using the Python ActiveX Scripting Engine Over this course we will get an introductory look to Python ActiveX Scripting in Softimage. When scripting in Softimage, we have a considerable number of choices and in this project we will use Python; a strong, smart, and fast scripting language available in other Autodesk and 3d software applications. We will start out learning how to write some basic commands as well as extract and reuse code. We will then get into some Python scripting concepts like variables and properties and then move onto building a modeling tool that can be executed with the click of a button.
Sunder Iyer