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Rendering ambient occlusion in ZBrush
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  • In this lesson we will use the BPR renderer to add detail-enhancing ambient occlusion to our ZBrush models.
  • ZBrush
    ZBrush 4 and up
  • 6m 40s
In this ZBrush tutorial we will be exploring many of the new and enhanced rendering features found in ZBrush 4. When creating digital sculptures in ZBrush, the rendering and presentation of that artwork is a very important aspect to consider. With the new rendering features that have been added in ZBrush 4, we can create renders that are much higher in quality and realism without ever having to leave ZBrush. This course will cover topics such as ambient occlusion rendering, adding subsurface scattering effects to our ZBrush models, rendering transparent refractive surfaces, rendering our ZBrush artwork into multiple passes for compositing purposes, as well as many other tips and techniques that will teach you not just how these features work, but how to use them properly to get the best results.