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Understanding the purpose of photons in mental ray
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  • In this lesson we will explore the underlying principles behind Global Illumination photons Topics covered in this video: How photons behave in the real world; How photons behave within mental ray; Which lights are best to use as photon emission sources.
  • Maya
    Maya 7 and up...
  • 5m 57s
Learn creative practices for utilizing global illumination and time-saving rendering techniques that can be used in a multitude of applications. Contains 2 hours of project-driven training - Perfect for intermediate artists. Popular highlights include: Global Illumination Overview; Understanding Photons in mental ray; Emitting Photons from Various Light Sources; Controlling Photon Energy; Controlling Decay Rates; Altering Photon Color Attributes; Separating the Effects of Direct Lighting; Separating the Effects of Indirect Lighting; Tuning Global Illumination Scale; Tuning Global Illumination Radius; Tuning Global Illumination Accuracy; Photon Tracing with Transparent Surfaces; Global Illumination Photons Maps; Global Illumination with Final Gather; Using the Map Visualizer; Global Illumination Overrides; Photon Interaction with Maya Materials; Photon Interaction with mental ray Materials.