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Creating a lightwrap effect to blend the background and car
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  • In this lesson we will learn the workflow to create a lightwrap effect, which takes the actual background pixels and wraps them around the foreground. This effect goes a long way to creating a believable scene.
  • After Effects
    After Effects CS4...
  • 9m 52s
In this After Effects tutorial we'll learn how to bring in multiple 3D render passes and composite the resulting image on top of a photograph using many tools and techniques. We'll begin the tutorial by importing our layers and assembling them into a nice render of a car. We'll then learn how to create an advanced matte to cut out our car using the shadow, indirect, and matte layers. We'll then learn several compositing tricks to help us really blend the foreground and background, such as Reflection matching, Lightwraping, color correction and grain matching.