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    Rig scaling problem with global control

    I was following the rigging tutorial using my own model I made.

    I made the global control (for position, scaling and rotating) the entire rig and added the Parent + Scale constraint for the controlCurvesGRP (all the control curves), scale constraint for rootGRP (all the bones) and scale constraint for ikGRP (all the ikHandles) with the globalControl being the parent.

    In the video tutorial, when the global control gets scaled, everything scales properly, all the bones stay in their position and just becomes smaller.

    When I scale my globalControl, the bones go all messed up and don't stay in their position. They get smaller AND rotate in random direction.

    Not only is the scaling screwed, the rotation and translation are. It appears as if the controlCurvesGRP are not moving at the same time or not scaling the same amount as the rootGRP. When I move the globalControl, the bones move but the wrist and legs get pinned to the foot + wrist controls.

    I watched that video tutorial a couple of times already and followed the instructions. I don't know why this problem still exist.

    Screen shot below:

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    Re: Rig scaling problem with global control

    From what I can see in your screenshot, it appears as if your IK handles are not parented together. That would give you weird rotations and scaling. Make sure your IK handles are partented into the Global Control.

    Another reason for the problem could be that you have a conflicting partent. Meaning an object is both parented under the Global control as well as Parent contrained. That means that whatever the Global control is doing, it doubles that for the Child. Make sure your Children are either Parented OR Constrained. Not Both.

    I hope it helps.

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    Re: Rig scaling problem with global control

    I don't know what you mean by IK handles not parented together. The video tutorial I followed for character setup didn't tell me to do anything about parenting ik handles together.

    As you can see in my outliner, I only used scale constraint for all three groups (GRP) and a parent constraint for the controlCurvesGRP as told in the video tutorial for character setup.

    There are no conflicting parenting, the globalControl only shares constraint relationship with the three groups. The video tutorial didn't say to parent these curves under the global control.

    I don't understand why mine doesn't work >.<

    ("unbreakable" is what I call my character in case anyone was wondering :P)
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    Re: Rig scaling problem with global control

    I think I see the problem here. You have both a Scale and a Parent Constraint under your controlCurvesGRP. I take it it's constrained to the Global control. The problem with that is, the Parent contraint already constrains the Scale, so now you have 2 scale influences on the controlCurvesGRP. Try deleting controlCurvesGRP_scaleConstraint1 and see if you get a better effect.

    Personally, I hate contraining my curves or joints to anything. I much rather just Parent them in, that way I know there are no conflicts.

    If deleting the Scale Constraint doesn't work, delete all the constraints and just Parent them in. That way you're sure it will work. Sometimes you'll need to create a Buffer group just to keep your zero transformations. Just create a Null Group and place your objects in it and Parent that to the Global Control. But that is to say if deleting the Scale Constraint doesn't work...

    Let me know if it helps....

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    Re: Rig scaling problem with global control

    stephanmaya, I don't want to sound like a mean person but the way I understand it is, parent constraint affects the child's translation and rotation but does not affect the scale of the child.

    ParentING will affect all three transformation, parent constraint will not.

    Anyways, I'll have another crack at trying to solve the problem tomorrow.
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    Re: Rig scaling problem with global control

    Nailed the problem, it was the IK spline (backbone) that was causing the problem, deleting it fixed it, though I'm still not sure why it works. . .

    I really would like it if one of the DT staff can explain to me why this problem occurs.

    Is it because the back bones of my character is perfectly straight and adding a spline IK handle gives unpredictable result ? Hence do I need to make the back bone bent ?

    I got my hacked "solution" from

    who is also having the same problem as me.
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