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    introduction to maya 2014 texturing problem

    Hi, I'm currently watching introduction to maya 2014 and I've got this problem with texturing. When texturing an electrical dome underneath the ship I get wrong mapping with the crater texture. Even though it's 3d texture it gets pinched at the bottom of the dome just like it was 2d mapped. The dome is a surface not a poly, just like in the tutorial. I have this 3d box to control texture placement however the texture doesn't smoothly update as I move the the box only after i move it. Could you please help me with this problem? Thanks for great tutorials anyway


    Edit: Ok, quick update. As I changed renderer to high quality rendering instead of default I get pretty predictable texture results (very similar to the tutorial) however all of my surface objects become terribly faceted. Could you please explain to me a little bit how to deal with viewing things in maya? What is your configuration that it all looks well?
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    Re: introduction to maya 2014 texturing problem

    Hey Anna! Always remember that the viewport is just a preview, because Maya needs to be able to show it to you in real-time and so what you see really depends highly on your particular computer. What this means is that depending on what your model/texture and computer is you might not get an exact representation of what the final render will look like in the viewport. And the final render is really what matters. Here's a quick video to show you a way to use the IPR renderer to preview an actual render as you're tweaking your textures. Hope it helps!

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