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    Light rays not showing up in Maya 2014

    No matter what I try, they will not show up. I am using Mental Ray, in Maya 2014, and I used the Parti_Volume node, along with a transmat node, on an object, along with a light, and a few objects to create light rays. It worked fine in Maya 2012, yet now it will not work AT ALL in Maya 2014. I get a cool fog effect, but no shadow/light rays of any kind when I have an object in front of the light source.

    Has something changed, or is it a bug? Because I cannot find anything on this problem on the internet so far, so can someone please help me? Also if there is any other way to achieve this effect, please tell me.



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    Re: Light rays not showing up in Maya 2014

    Hi Leviathan!
    Actually, not much has changed. It sounds like you just need to turn your light into a mental ray light, but here's a quick video to walk you through the steps of setting everything up in Maya 2014. Hope it helps!

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    Re: Light rays not showing up in Maya 2014

    You guys are the best, thank you so much!

    I'm sorry I did not respond sooner, I have just been so busy lately, but I decided to spend some time on checking in today, and I noticed the response to my question, and I followed the tutorial, and it worked perfectly!

    I appreciate it so much.



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