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    quadro k2000 vs gtx 770!!

    i am a 3d student. Read almost everything there is to know about the differences between gaming and workstation cards regarding the 3d industry whether its the rendering or viewport in maya wises. Still its really hard to make a promth decision whether to buy the quadro k2000 now and later to upgrade to a massive quadro or to buy the gtx first and then the quadro . Please help me , what would you do?

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    Re: quadro k2000 vs gtx 770!!

    theres been a lot of questions on here and other places about this, i would personally not buy any workstation card under a k4000, iirc k2000 only supports directx platforms, so the gtx 770 probably supports openGL, openCL, and some other stuff. if you are using maya and only maya on your computer, and do nothing else, then maybe i could see buying the k2000.

    i dont think you would notice a difference between the cards in terms of quality, but you could tell the difference in speed with the gtx 770 being faster. maybe less stable,

    but i dont see much reason to pay almost 500 bucks or so for something thats, from what ive read, pretty so-so. you should save up the extra 400 to get the k4000 but if you're a student and not doing work why spend the cash? what i would really suggest is just reading a bunch of opinions,

    i think you'l come to the conclusion i did that the new gaming cards are a better investment for newbs like us.

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