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    Duplicate Special: Maya 2013 Lesson 27 - Not Duplicating Around Thrust

    At 2 minutes 30 seconds into lesson 27, I am lost. The Duplicate Special is not resulting in the slats rotating around the thrust.

    Forgive me for this repeated question, but I didn't see a solution, despite the fact that DT helped me solve it about 2 years ago. And I've successfully duplicated other geometry in Maya, including the blades in this very tutorial, so I am at a loss about why I cannot get this to work.

    I am following the steps in detail but when I group the slat, the pivot goes to the center of the slat. From there, no matter what I do, nothing works.

    Can anyone make a video detailing those steps from a troubleshooting perspective? If not, I make a video of my efforts this week to better demonstrate the issue.
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    Re: Duplicate Special: Maya 2013 Lesson 27 - Not Duplicating Around Thrust

    Hey lilnyc,
    Can you post a screenshot of the results you're getting? For creating the slats around the thrust its important that the pivot point of the original group is going to be at the center of the group. Here's an Ask DT that goes over this process from the Introduction to Maya 2011. Slightly differently shaped slats, but the process is the same.

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