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    Problem texturing an apple

    Hi, i am trying to texture an apple using pictures but the seam of the uv cut keeps showing. Tried mapping the apple as a whole without cutting but it doesn't look realistic enough. I need to composite the apple so i really need it to look very convincing. What should i do, pls

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    Re: Problem texturing an apple

    Hi Honeylly,

    You could consider skipping uv texturing all together and use this excellent procedural apple texture. But in real answer to your question: your problem might stem from one (or both) of these things. I'll just asume you're making one texture for the apple's skin...

    - make sure your uv map touches the edges of the quadrant.
    - make sure your texture tiles seamlessly in photoshop. to check this, go to filters - other - offset. Shift the edges over to the middle and rubberstamp those unseamly seams.
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