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    Red face Asset Setup for texture painting - assign paint global paint layers

    I have a huge set for a short film I was hoping to texture in mudbox. However, the workflow is too cumbersome and I am thinking it won't be possible and certainly won't be faster. I have many props and set pieces, and some - such as a tower (there are 5 distinct towers), are made up of approximately 30-40 pieces of geo each.

    I was hoping to bring in 1 tower and and texture it all at once so I could get a uniform look. There are wooden planks and various other parts from an old circus that had a single billboard like painting on them that is now worn.

    To do this in Mudbox - I have to select each piece of geometry and apply a material - this is very time consuming as I am sure you are all aware selecting objects quickly in mudbox is clumsy and slow. You can do it in the Object list but there is some stupid bug that scrolls you back up the list everytime you apply a material. - It will take over an hour just to apply the same default material to each piece of geo.

    Next - I would like to use my paint layers (perchannel) globabally across the whole tower. So I can do a base paint layer, then worn paint, dirt layer, rust etc. and so forth for each channel. That doesnt seem possible because I will have to create the same layers for each piece of geo. And manually switch layers for each object everytim I want to jump back and forth. This would take forever to create those and then switch between them each time I would like to switch layers.

    Are there any features I am missing or texturing plugins/utlities to set up assets and paint layers? I work at a big studio and we went with Mari. At the time, I couldn't believe it because i really like mudbox's painting tools and easy UI, but now I see why they rejected it - not only would it not fit in a pipeline, but it is useless for anything more than a small scale project where you only have 5 ten assets to surface?

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    Re: Asset Setup for texture painting - assign paint global paint layers

    Anybody? Digital Tutors Guys?

    1. Way to assign Mudbox Material to multiple pieces of geo that make up one asset (40-50 pieces) in one quick step

    2. Way to assign and use paint layers globally across all geo in an asset

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    Re: Asset Setup for texture painting - assign paint global paint layers

    Hi rikyu99,
    Depending on what version of Mudbox you're using, there are ways to assign materials quickly and to paint multiple objects using single paint layers. I've attached a quick video to illustrate the process that may help, depending on your version:

    For more information on Multi-Tile Texturing, you can check out the Multi-Tile Texture Workflows course here:

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