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    Cut faces tool error

    I cut this
    But it cuts all the line, not only the polygon

    or like this

    maybe anyone get an error like me?

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    Re: Cut faces tool error

    Hi Suikodenz
    It seem that you might have some vertices that are not welded, can you check out and see if the vertices are connected? just select one and move it from the face of the text, if you see some holes between the front faces and the side ones it means that you will need to select all the vertices go to Edit Mesh > Merge

    Hope this helps
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    Re: Cut faces tool error

    i merge all this vertex

    but still no work

    i try to:
    delete History ( Delete By Type > History )

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    Re: Cut faces tool error

    Maya can have trouble with nGons. These are polygons with more than 4 vertices. Try and triangulating the front face of your letters. You can also use the split-polygon tool to control where your triangle edges will be placed. Set the snapping tolerance high so you dont inadvertently create even more vertices.

    This not only happens with the cut faces tool, but also with a lot of other tools when used on nGons.
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