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    for limited income

    DT team.

    It really pleases me to have read in a recent posting:

    "It sounds like a little more transparency in whats coming next month might solve this issue from happening , especially for people that have limited funds available like students etc. So they can sign up for certain training coming as well as select from the massive list what they want to view. "

    We don't presently teach animation at CCC, but it does creep into my lectures. I get to know some students who would like to go into the field and often recommend that they watch your free lessons, and buy a used book on the internet that includes a version of an earlier PLE. I hope that the pricing for certain training will make it easy for such students to inexpensivly study your comprehensive beginning courses.
    You are the best,

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    Re: for limited income

    Hello kcarp,
    I'm not really sure what you're asking, but if you have students who are wondering what training is coming out next month we do that by posting sneak peeks over at DT Labs:

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