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    Unhappy Export from C4d r13 to After Effects cs5

    Hey -

    bit of a weird one this - I have been exporting out of C4D 11.5 to after effects cs4/5 for a while now to take advantage of the render-pass control and have had no problems. I have just gotten C4d r13, downloaded the cinema/after effects exchange plugin for r13 and now when ever I open the file in after effects, everything is too dark and basically unusable - I have looked online but cant seem to find a solution to this - I'm using the same setting I always did - matching colour profiles etc, but nothing I do seems to work?

    Does anyone know of this issue or a solution?

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    Re: Export from C4d r13 to After Effects cs5

    I guess not.

    I tried it on a demo version of 12 with the same problem (was using 11.5 before) and had the same issue - suppose it must be an issue with my machine or settings but I've tried everything I can think of with no results.


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    Re: Export from C4d r13 to After Effects cs5


    I'm not sure if it was me being a rookie or not (sure it is) but I worked out it was because in 12 and 13 I have been using 'Linear' workflow by default and After effects know it - Linear workflow is nicer and more accurate but is also raises the light level up considerably - this means that when its imported into After Effects, the extra information being incompatible with the colour space (I think), if appears much darker. I'm assuming all that's needed is to configure After Effects into recognizing the extra information and all will be fine - if you, I'll update this.


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