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    Boolean Difference making my mesh disappear

    Hi all! how it's going? i need to make a circular hole in a gun where the bullet will come out, if anyone knows how to do it without boolean please tell me (i'm an anti-boolean guy), well when i boolean both meshes disappears, i already tried to delete the history, i know i could fake it with textures but i wanna do some modelling.
    that's it! thanks in advance.

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    Re: Boolean Difference making my mesh disappear

    Depending on how your weapon / mesh looks like there may be different approaches - so in order to get some advice from other users I suggest you post a picture of the weapon / mesh because itīs hard to tell without one.

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    Re: Boolean Difference making my mesh disappear

    The Boolean command really depends on the complexity of your meshes, if both have a too large polycount it wont work.
    Try to split the mesh in smaller pieces so that you only boolean the small part that you need. After that combine and merge them again.

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    Re: Boolean Difference making my mesh disappear

    Hello Sazarret,
    If you want some tips on how to get Booleans to work, we have some great tips in the Maya Modeling Reference Library: Mesh course. However, here’s a look at how you can model out a hole instead of performing a Boolean operation. Hope it helps!

    Here's a link to the Creating Next-Gen Game Assets in Maya course that was referenced in the video.

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    Re: Boolean Difference making my mesh disappear

    Thank you Dan so much! that was the only thing missing on my slide action! you always participate in my projects somehow.

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