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    How to move objects apart radially?

    With a polygon sphere highlighted, I go to the mesh menu > extract, and a manipulator tool shows up. This allows me to move the faces radially outward creating a cool effect.
    I was wondering is there any way to move selected objects radially outward just as easily? For example, I created a sphere made up of many square pyramids. I want to be able to move those shapes apart radially without having to adjust each pyramid manually by inputting xyz values and sacrificing accuracy. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: How to move objects apart radially?

    Hi edmikey,
    Here are some thoughts for this...
    Imagine if you grouped everything you want to move radially, with the center of this group in the center of your sphere. Then scale this group. All the objects would move out radially and also get larger. So, then you put a set driven key on the scaling of the individual objects, so as the parent group scales outward, the objects scale down. I wonder if by doing this you would get the effect you're after. As the objects would be moving outward, but their size would stay the same. If this works, it would be pretty quick to do.

    Another thought would be to simply move all of your objects outward using the local option. If their orientation is correct, they should move outward as you want. You'd just select them all, double-click the translate icon on the left of Maya, and set it to local. Then use the interface move arrow to move them outward. This would be easier yet.

    If these don't work for you, as you know with Maya, there are 100 ways to do something, so just ask and I can tell you some other things to try.

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    Re: How to move objects apart radially?

    Hello edmikey! First let me welcome you to the DT community! BrianHoard is most certainly correct in that there are many, many ways that one can achieve just about anything in Maya. So heres a quick method that Id probably use to start with to get the look youre going for. Hope it helps!

    Here's a link to the Animation Tips and Tricks in Maya course that was referenced in the video.

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    Re: How to move objects apart radially?

    Wow, thanks for the help! Wasn't expecting a video response, but that was awesome!

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