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    animating a character in a heavy populatated scene

    im in the works of animating a character riding a motorcycle in a scene and shooting everything in sight with in maya with quite a bit of city buildings i imported and my system is running slow and crashing,im trying to get a grip on the workflow of how one could go about making everything come together with in maya if possible, for timing purposes of interacting with his Environment and make it believable,i was thinking this is probly a job for compositing ,just not sure how to go about it,and for timing purposes use stand in low poly count geometry and replace it with the higher rez at render time, or use transparency maps for the buildings in stead? just some questions that have been keeping me awake at night,Thanks in advance for reading all of this mess any direction or tutorial that will lead me in on the right path would be fantastic!

    Thanks Delano i knew you could answer this one!
    Just Kidding, LOL,any staff member or other would be great!!!

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    Re: animating a character in a heavy populatated scene

    hey there. I think your on the right track with the solutions that you have realised already...low poly stand ins, and simpler textures. When it comes to complex scenes, it doesn't matter how fast your computer is things will definetely lag...just the way it is. By using stand ins, you still get the accuracy of the physical boundary of objects, just far less detail. I would make efficient use of display layers, and when it comes to rendering, rendering layers/passes. The system introduced from maya 2009 is fantastic, and while taking a bit to get used to gives good results for compositing use for high poly-count terms of braking the scene up.

    Hope that helps a little, and feel free to ask more questions if you need help on something more specific.

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    Re: animating a character in a heavy populatated scene

    Thank you Very much Johnny sounds like a plan! man the display layer idea why didnt i think of that, great idea!

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    Re: animating a character in a heavy populatated scene

    Hi pianowindz1! There are quite a few ways that you can help to limit the poly count in your scene, and a lot of it depends on what your project needs are to determine what the best route is to take. Definitely using display layers could work as johnny suggests. Personally one of my favorite ways is to set up a level of detail group. It can take a little more time to set up because you'll essentially have two or three copies of each piece of object (high, medium and low resolution) but it has the added benefit of not only helping in the viewport but also saving you render time also because you don't really need to have an ultra-high resolution building way in the background. Here's a quick look at how you can set that up. Hope it helps!

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