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    Creating Comic Style effect

    Hi guys. i need to create an exterior environment using maya and nuke in the style of the picture attached. im pretty new to NUKE so dont really know how i could achieve this effect. If anyone could offer up some suggestions it would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Creating Comic Style effect

    Hello seansmith1989! Before jumping into Nuke, I'd actually start by getting a stylized render out of Maya. Here's a quick video on some tips to do that. Unfortunately since this is sort of a broad question the video I posted won't really be a step-by-step, but more of a couple examples you can utilize to get some cool comic/cartoon stylizations in your renders. Hope it helps!

    Here's a link to the Rendering with Maya Toon course that was referenced in the video.

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    Re: Creating Comic Style effect

    Thanks Dan,

    This tutorial was most useful!


    Wayne Miles

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    Re: Creating Comic Style effect

    would you be able to create a 'still life painting' effect using this toon effect as well?

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