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    DT tutorials on Animating Tree Growth with Paint Effects?


    I've been looking everywhere for a tutorials on the best way to animate tree growth with Paint Effects. I tried the "Flow" attributes and did not like the results. Now i'm trying to key the individual Attributes of the "branches" and "twigs". However I'm still a stumped. I would like to animate growth in the main trunk, but with out the "flow" modifiers turned on it does not seem possible?

    An answer to my final question would be great, but a link to tutorial on DT would help me the most?

    Thanks for reading.


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    Re: DT tutorials on Animating Tree Growth with Paint Effects?

    Hello piotrek! Here's one way that you can set up an animated growing tree using paint effects. Hope it helps!

    Here's a link to the Introduction to Maya Paint Effects course that was referenced in the video.

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