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    Vehicle animation, skid marks

    I was searching for a decent way of adding skid marks and this is what I found:

    "Re: Car Animation DVD
    There are definitely some tutorials dedicated to animating a car's dynamic motion, like driving through mud, snow, adding skid marks etc.
    You can check it on the below kits;

    Now as far as releasing a kit specifically for animating a car, we will know for sure after Siggraph, which is going on right now. DT has tons of new kits lined up that are either in production or near release. More than two kits are designated to modeling and rendering a car so I'm pretty sure that animating it is going to be next "

    Those links are redirected to the new homepage now, so I don't know where to find the referenced tutorial.

    I was hopeful that the training I was looking for was going to be here soon, until I noticed the date - 2007.

    Do you have, or do you plan to offer some sort of vehicle animation course. I am now using CraftDirector tools, which makes the animation of the vehicle fairly simple, however I am aware, that I have no idea how much I don't know.

    One of your quick lessons would be great dealing specifically with skid marks, and maybe gravel roads.

    The two methods discussed most often are animated textures in Maya, or add it in AE in post. CraftAnimation created a MaxScript that enables (what they say is simple) particle emission with a zero velocity, which seems reasonable. Particles are not my most capable area of Maya, and the R&D time it would take me to get it working properly would make my current project take too long. I have two weeks to get to final render on a fairly complex auto accident.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

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    Re: Vehicle animation, skid marks

    Hello shamusoliver,
    I believe one of those courses referenced in that post has been retired due to age. The other is still available, and is the Ultimate Fluids course. You'll probably be especially interested in lesson 18 which shows how you can use fluids to simulate a wheel driving through snow or mud.

    And remember, you're always welcome to suggest training here:

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    Re: Vehicle animation, skid marks

    Thanks for your reply Dan,
    From what I have read so far, I think AE would be the best route for the results I'm trying to get. Here's what I'm planning:
    First, watch the multipass rendering lesson again.
    Then, I should be able to have an emitter dropping particles when the vehicle is skidding, as a template for AE. (I think, but haven't tried it yet, that I might be able to set it up to happen automagically when I press the skidbrake button, I may be able to use one of the custom entities to emit particles, and map it to the same button)
    Render my scene multipass style, and render a top orthographic for the AE template.
    Then in AE I could have an animated stroke follow the particles, correct the perspective and woohoo, skid marks.

    I did run a few tests with particles in Maya, but couldn't get the look I was going for, sprites were chunky, multi's were too dissolved.

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