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    outdoor city lighting / rendering

    Hey there!

    I can't find any tutorial on the whole internet (and I think I've looked even in the deepest and darkest corners of it) about true, outdoor cityscape lighting.
    How would someone go about creating such a look?
    FG and GI take ages to render with such a model scale (even though the background seems too be a matte painting), so is placing a gazillion lights by hand the way to go?

    Thanks in advance,


    Here's the reference:


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    Re: outdoor city lighting / rendering

    Hello 19860601! There are a lot of different outdoor lighting techniques that can be utilized and in the end what look your project needs really should determine what technique(s) you impliment. Here's a couple quick examples that can get you started:

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    Re: outdoor city lighting / rendering

    These videos are very helpful.

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