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    eyelashes, wheels & feathers

    hi i have 3 queries:

    1. how do i make eyelashes in nurbs? i tried with polys but i think i will run into problems with weight painting later on as the eyelids are not merged to the mesh of the head. just grouped. i didnt merge them as i dont know how i will get them to blink if they are merged. i thought of blendshaping them, but i dont know how to make the blendshape go over the curved surface of the eyeball.

    2. how do i make a wheel turn, but stay with the main mesh? again, i grouped the wheels and axles, as i dont know how i will get them to roll if they are joined to the main mesh. and as i want to animate the model later on, how will weight painting affect them being only grouped & not joined to the main model?

    3. How do i get feathers to fold neatly together when i bend the wing? i am also trying to build very basic wings with simplistic feathers that i would like to fold neatly against the sides of the body, i did a small bind skin test with an arm rig and it looks like the arm & hand rig will be usable, but dont know anything about getting feathers to fold up.

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    Re: eyelashes, wheels & feathers

    Ruffcut ,I think the easiest way to make eye lashes would be to start with a polyPlane ,then just shape and pull vertices .

    Rigging a Car (Below is the basic link I used when I first started rigging cars .

    As far as rigging feathers .Thats a exellent ? .If you PM me I would like to give that a try .If you dont mind .I am not sure how long it would take me but I would love to see what I can do to improve my rigging .Then I could write a tut or make a video for you .

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    Re: eyelashes, wheels & feathers

    here are two examples of bird wings that i think move really well. i want something even more simplistic than these two, so i will send you what i have attempted so far. &

    for the first one the finished wing rig is displayed, but he doesnt say HOW - step by step he puts together all those various connections. i need the step by step of a basic wing rig. i love the way the feathers fan out when the wing is expanded.

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