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    Unhappy Mental Ray Shadow: Translucent + Opaque materials

    I'm trying to render a building model that consists of timber ribs that hold translucent acrylic/glass/polycarbonate panels in between.

    I've been doing a lot of trial error with raytrace shadows, depth map, with mia_material and dielectric materials, but I haven't had any luck.

    All I want is to create a frosted, coloured panels of polycarbonate (similar to the Laban dance school:

    The panels should create coloured 'shadows,' I don't want to have the cast 'black' shadows because I will have different colours of panels and want to create a nice effect inside the building with that.

    I've had a bit of luck with that, but not quite there yet.. The main problem is that the timber ribs won't cast a darker 'blacker' shadow over where the translucent material is to cast its colour.

    If i delete the translucent material, then u can see the greyscale shadows on the floor... but when the translucent material is there... the shadows from the timber disappear!

    Has anyone experience this problem before? I don't know if that made much sense, I'll try to upload some images tonight that would explain it better... but if anyone has any experience i'd much appreciate it! I'm using maya 2008 btw.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Mental Ray Shadow: Translucent + Opaque materials

    So here are a few images to explain the problem (all use a physical sun/sky light):

    1. Using Maya software materials, mental ray and final gather:

    2. Using mia_material in mental ray with final gather:

    3. mia_material in mental ray with raytrace, final gather and caustics:

    4. mia_materials in MR with raytrace, FG and Clobal illumination on (no caustics).

    I don't know, perhaps I'm just missing something completely, but howcome I can't manage to get the hard shadows from the "Opaque" (ie timber frame) structure as well as the caustics from the "translucent" coloured panels?

    The coloured refractions aren't even that strong, what can I do to make them more obvious? I would like them to create the light effect stained glass windows to make (whilst the material itself remains kind of frosted/textured like the polycarbonate in the link - above post) but I can't manage to get those hard shadows!

    Any help would be much appreciated, thanks guys!

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    Re: Mental Ray Shadow: Translucent + Opaque materials

    Do this:

    1.In the material editor, change the filter color (found in ext parameters) of the material to the desired color
    2.USe raytrace shaodws ...max or mr is fine

    It does work!

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