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    Re: Non-spherical Eye Rigging

    Hey animru94

    I think this something like what you're looking for.
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    Pose Tracker wrong angle calculations

    Hey all I'm doing the pose tracker tutorial under the rigging quadrupeds series. In the node network after the AngleBetwen is plugged into the multiply divide node. I'm not getting a value of 45. In...
  3. Re: Intro to character rigging nurds Eye Rig

    Hey Adeptus,

    Thanks for getting back to me on that. My history is cleaned on my geo and when I did have the history on one NURBS eye life I noticed that when I duplicated it and negative scaled...
  4. Re: Quick start to modeling in Maya volume 1 part 4 problems


    Let me Help you the Best I can

    Your shift double click problem and your insert edge loop problem could very well be related.

    When you shift double click you generally use that...
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    Re: How to get rid of unneeded poles?


    Depending on what your retopologizing Some Poles are unavoidable. If you're doing a head for example you usually will have poles around the mouth loop corners, cheek, and nose corners. If...
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    Re: Set Driven Keys Help


    This sounds like an order of operations problem similar to what early animators face when they make a pose without changing the time slider.

    When using Set driven keys it is important to...
  7. Intro to character rigging nurds Eye Rig


    In Lessons 16 of the Introduction-to-Character-Rigging-in-Maya 2011 course they showed how to rig a NURBS eye start and end sweep to Blink. However the NURBS eye was set up prior. I was...
  8. Is it bad to assign shaders to component faces?

    I'm rendering a character out using mental ray / mia_material_x.

    There are several parts of the character that I've been putting materials on just particular faces of the mesh. The looks is going...
  9. I think one of the test questions had no right answers? quick start to rigging vol 4

    Hey all,

    I was taking the test today on the quick start to rigging volume 4 and one of the questions didn't have the correct answer.


    I'm using a mac presently but I've used PC with...
  10. Is this a known issue 2012 not opening 2013

    Hey all,

    I've been having some trouble opening files in maya 2012. I have the student version of 2013 and a license in 2012. Whenever I try to open any files from 2013 maya gives me several...
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    Re: Maya Not opening files corretly/At all

    Thanks again. I did come across that post as well and I'm still having the same problem. The last thing error I'm getting is


    All the resources on the internet say to delete...
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    Re: Maya Not opening files corretly/At all

    Thanks Cur1ous

    I looked at that and that error went away but now i have this one.

    // Error: Invalid flag '-objectFilterShowInHUD' //

    do you know anything about that? or where I might need...
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    Maya Not opening files corretly/At all

    Hey all.

    So Maya is not acting right for me. I have Maya 2012 and its not opening imported files at all. When it does its losing data and the scene loads in pieces. I have reset my preferences,...
  14. Re: The main problem I have with modeling in maya

    I agree, Topology is probably the most intimidating part of modeling for me. Especialy when it comes to organic modeling. There is alot of pressure for modelers to get their topology right so that...
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    Re: n gon rule of thumb?

    Hey PixelComposer,

    From my understanding the N gon rule and the quad's vs. tri's are all for the consideration of your pipeline. I know that most sculpting applications rely heavily on quads to...
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    Projecting Curves onto surfaces

    Hey guys

    I've been using maya for a while and whenever I project a NURBS curve onto a surface the result will at random times break my projection into atleast two parts. This is hit or miss with...
  17. 3D paint effecting newly created geometery

    Hi all I'm currently following along in the creating cartoon sets in maya course. I'm a few lessons passed the video that has you use the 3dpaint tool to outline the edge of the hill side for the...
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    Re: Thanks DT Forums

    Just searching the Archive for some answers and came across this little post. DT you guys do alot being that the forums are answered by those volunteering thier time and always having a postive...
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    Re: Transforming Robot with Maya 2011?

    Hello Digitalpete.

    The transforming robot pipeline incorperates the use of Maya 2012 You're more than capable of following along in your 2011 software and at worst you should expect an occasional...
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    Re: can i even ask this question????

    First off let me start by saying i'm glad you guys took the time to give me this feedback.

    I'm currently training under DT and i'm liking my progress, the biggest reason i'm looking at schools is...
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