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Lesson 39. Threshold adjustment in Photoshop
In this tutorial we will learn how the threshold adjustment can be used to add a stylized, graphical appearance to our images in Photoshop.
Software used
Photoshop CS6
What you will learn
In this collection of Photoshop CS6 tutorials we will learn the fundamental tools, techniques and workflows for Photoshop CS6. It can safely be said that Photoshop is truly the backbone of the computer graphics industry. From video games to movies and every area in between, Photoshop is one of the most commonly used application by working professionals in any creative field. Now learning how to use a program like Photoshop can seem like a daunting task. Throughout this course, our goal is to teach you the tools, concepts and workflows you will need to succeed with Photoshop. Not only this, but we will break them down so that they are easy to understand. We will dive in and learn about every key area, providing you with a solid foundation. It’s important to us that you not only learn the basics of Photoshop but that you also develop good habits when it comes to this truly amazing application.
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