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Threshold adjustment in Photoshop
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Eddie Russell


Eddie Russell
In this lesson, we'll take a brief look at Photoshop's threshold adjustment. All right, so the threshold is a very, very simple adjustment in Photoshop. And really, it's just a way of compressing all of your brightness values down to either pure black or pure white. Now, this can be sort of an interesting way of giving your images a bit more of a hand drawn, or sort of a graphical type appearance. And this is a very, very simple adjustment to use. So we click down in our adjustment layers. Again, I always prefer to use an adjustment layer. If we come down toward the bottom, we have our threshold. So once we click on this, you can see the result that we get. And again, this is a very, very simple adjustment to make. So again, this is just taking all of our lightness and darkness values, and just compressing those down, either to pure black or pure white. We really only have one slider to work with here. So you can see as we start to pull this back, Photoshop is going to start to kind of blow out our values a little bit, and kind of shift those more toward the white end of the spectrum. As we start to bring this over, we start to really crush these down and limit this a lot to the blacks. So depending on the look that you want to go for, you can start to slide this back and forth. There we go. So let's say something like that. And there we go. So with just one simple little adjustment, we've now taken our image and given it sort of a nice little graphical, maybe a little bit more of a hand drawn appearance, if that is sort of the look that you want to go for. So that's a look at this threshold adjustment in Photoshop.
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