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Re-orienting the neck joints
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In this lesson, we will reorient our neck joint. Let's go in and hide all polys so we can grab each of our neck joints and view their local rotation axes. All right. So at this point, we'll go back to polys, and we'll use our Reorient Joint tool to orient the rest of these. It'll be easier to bring the polys back so we know what joint belongs where. So we grab the joint at the top of the neck, grab the joint at the base, and reorient. So let's go ahead and do that for the rest of these. Again, grab the joint at the top, joint at the base, and choose apply. I'll go ahead and pause the video and get the rest of these done. OK. So each joint has now been reoriented. So the next step will be to take care of all of our child joints. Let's make sure they're parented to their roots. And then once that's done, it's just a matter of using our Reset Joint tool to clean up the child joint orientation so that it matches its parent. That's actually the last step for this lesson. So let's make sure we take care of that for the rest of these. Again, just parent the child joint and then run the RJT tool. So once that's finished up, in the next lesson, we will connect our IK solvers. And by the end of the next lesson, we should be, for the most part, finished with the neck rig. And then we just need to make sure that everything gets connected back to our head control, which will follow.
In this tutorial, we will learn the methods that were used to rig the transforming robot. Throughout these lessons, we will learn the tools and techniques used in the setup process of both our robot and truck. The goal is to break this complex idea down into a simple, and manageable form. We'll cover the rigging process in its entirety, and along this journey, we'll be introduced to several tools that will help make this all come together efficiently. By the end of the course, you'll have the set of skills needed to rig your own transforming robot.