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Quickly building large groups of media - CDs and DVDs
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  • In this lesson we will use several techniques to create random-looking cd and dvds on the entertainment center. Topics covered in this video: Adding resolution; Using the Duplicate Special tool; Using the Transform Component tool to add randomization.
  • Maya
    Maya 8.5 or higher
  • 8m 36s
Learn a production workflow to interior set modeling that can be used for Film, Games, and Architectural Visualizations with 5 hours of project-based training. Great for intermediate artists. Popular highlights include: Polygon to Subdivision Workflow; Methods for Creating Clean Geometry; Adding Edge Resolution; Insert Edge Loop Tool; Offset Edge Loop Tool; Bevel Tool; Bridge Tool; Extrude Tools; Optimizing Geometry for Lighting; Strategically Adding Details; Re-purposing Geometry; Making Resolution Decisions; Breaking Up Lines for Visual Aesthetics; Isolating Resolution; Hard-surface Modeling Techniques; Modeling with Deformers; Creative Practices with Paint Effects; Complex Scene Management.