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Integrating Mudbox with other 3d applications
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In this course, we’ll use a project based approach to cover the tools in Mudbox 2012 and we will explore some of the ways you can put them to use to get great results. Mudbox is a great tool for 3d artists that provides a really robust sculpting and texture painting solution. It's available for windows, Mac, and Linux and it integrates seamlessly with many of the other applications you may be using. For these tutorials, we’ve had the privilege of working with the Mudbox team at Autodesk in developing this training and we really do appreciate their feedback and support. For these lessons, we’ll use a project based approach to cover the tools in Mudbox and different ways of using them to get the best results. Throughout the course of this project, we’ll cover the basics of getting started working in Mudbox, from sculpting to painting to extracting maps. We’ll also cover the new features in Mudbox 2012, including the uv-less PTEX painting process, new paint layer functionality, stencil editing, and more. Every artist is different. As you go through the training, don’t get too caught up in getting results that match exactly, but have some fun experimenting with the tools and really try to understand how you can fit them into your particular workflow. If you’re just starting out using the software, you might go through the training once to get a good overall picture before you try to follow along. For those artists who just want to check out some of the newer features, feel free to jump around to the various topics as you like.