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from start to finish
  •  1h 54m
  •  Closed Captioning
  • Difficulty Level Advanced
  •  Project Files Included Learn more »
Software used
ZBrush 4R4, TopoGun, Maya, Marmoset Toolbag, Photoshop
What you will learn
The objectives for this fast-pace, intensive training includes looking at options for creating a game-boss type character from start to a finished game-ready state. We'll look at mesh creation techniques in ZBrush, topology and UV methods in TopoGun and Maya, and presentation techniques in Marmoset Toolbag. Before we start, I recommend you have experience using ZBrush, TopoGun, and Maya as we cover what would normally take hours to accomplish in a shorter span of time.

We wont' be going step by step, but we'll be talking about the overall idea of particular parts of the pipeline. If you’re an artist new to any of these applications, we do have Introduction and Beginner’s Guide courses to get you started.
Justin Marshall