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Creature Creation in CINEMA 4D
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Released Dec 1, 2012
With the addition of sculpting tools to CINEMA 4D studio, it's become possible to complete creature projects without leaving the software. In this CINEMA 4D sculpting tutorial we will discuss the modeling of a base mesh in CINEMA 4D, using a variety of modeling tools.

Throughout the tutorial we will talk about model preparation and UV layout in anticipation of texture baking and painting. Once the base is prepared, we will go through the process of adding high resolution detail using the sculpting tools in CINEMA 4D. Once our creature model is sculpted, we will talk about baking that detail out into Normal, Displacement, and Ambient Occlusion maps. Then we will use BodyPaint to create textures for the creature.

We will integrate photographs and blend multiple layers together to paint a color texture from scratch. We'll also talk about modifying the color texture to create textures that will drive the bump and specularity of your creature. By the end of the tutorial, you'll have learned a variety of sculpting tools and techniques to help you create your own creatures in CINEMA 4D.